Popular Luggage Brands

The worldwide luggage market is estimated to be worth 21 Billion US Dollars in 2019, in this post we look at some of the most popular brands available today. 

These major luggage brands cover a wide spectrum of designs and target markets. The brands are listed in alphabetical order with examples of their leading products.

American Tourister

American Tourister is the second biggest luggage brand in the world. It was founded in 1933 by Sol Koffler in Rhode Island New York. The company were the first to experiment with molded luggage. As air travel increased in the 1960’s they were the first to trial their new designs in earnest.

In the following decades American Tourister continued to develop hard case luggage alongside soft side designs. In 1993 they were acquired by Samsonite and continue to date.

They specialize in colorful, bright designs that remain at the forefront of modern design. They have also collaborated with Disney to produce a characterful line of luggage.


Antler were Formed in 1914 this British company based in London create many designs across a large number of luggage types. These include suit cases, cabin luggage, casual bags and business solutions. They also sell smaller leather accessories.


Bric’s was founded in 1952. Located in Lake Como Italy they continue to produce handmade leather travel bags. The company is now run by the children and grandchildren of the original founder Mario Briccola. Bric’s luxury luggage sits towards the upper end of the quality and price range.

Briggs and Riley

Briggs and Riley are a subsidiary of its parent company US Luggage LLC. They have been delivering luggage solutions for over 100 years. Briggs and Riley was created in 1993 and now sell in 27 countries across the world. They have introduced some interesting innovation into their bags over the years and continue to do so. They also provide a lifetime guarantee on their cases.

Delsey Paris

As the name suggests Delsey is a French company that was formed on 1946. Their collections are unmistakably French with names such as Chatelet and Dauphine. Their claim to fame on the innovation front was the introduction of a retractable wheeling system into their cases in 1972. Aimed at the more affordable end of the market Delsey’s have many products covering a wide range of areas.


Hartmann produce luxurious luggage including stylish leather designs. Their soft side designs have a retro feel to them and evoke images of the 50’s (in my opinion). Hartmann were established in 1877 so have seen the development in travel options and solutions to meet customer needs over a very long period of time. Their bags undergo over 250 steps during the manufacturing process of their designs.

Ricardo Beverly Hills

As the name suggests this Company hails from the Beverly Hills in California. It was founded by Richard ‘Ricardo’ Gibbs in 1978 and now distributes across 20 countries. They have a variety of designs aimed at the affordable end of the market.


One of the world’s biggest brands and whose parent company ‘own’ the American Tourister, Hartmann and Tumi brands also listed hear. Samsonite was founded in Denver, Colarado in 1910. Latterly it was bought by an investment Company and has expanded considerably in the last decade. Samsonite are most synonymous with hard case luggage.

Travelers Choice

Travelers choice are located in California in the USA. They have production facilities in shanghai and Shenzhen China.  Their Luggage is aimed primarily at the budget end of the market.


Travelpro was formed by pilot Bob Plath. He invented the first rolling trolley case in 1987. Travelpro products are widely used flight crew and passengers worldwide.


Tumi was founded in 1975 by Charlie Clifford who took the Tumi name from a Peruvian icon. He served there is the Peace Corp and started importing local leather bags into the US. As well as luxury luggage Tumi also produces a range of accessories.


Victorinux are a Swiss company that was formed in 1884. The company initially started as a knife maker. Still in the Elsener family the company has 5 product categories namely, fragrances, travel gear and watches. They continue to produce various types of knives as well. The quality of their luggage is typical of Swiss precision.

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